Four years, four months

That’s how long I have been cancer free. Four years, four months. It’s been a great run, but I am ready for it to be done. Eight more months. That’s all I have left to take my daily pills. I assume it has kept me alive. I don’t know that I needed them, but I know it has not let anymore cancer develop. I am not sure it would have, but it didn’t.

My next blog will be my cancer story. I was going to include it here, but I am very happy about this appointment and when I was typing it up, I was sad. (Not that it will be sad to read it, but it really happened to me. Ugh!)

I see both my medical oncologist and radiation oncologist every six months. I am very happy to say that I am down to one mammogram per year, too. My tumor was right next to my rib cage. That is the tissue that needs to be examined closely. Those ladies out there who have had mammograms know the pressure of “regular” mammograms. Can you imagine having two extra images taken right on your rib cage at every mammogram? And doing that twice each year. Y e a h . . .

I just visited my radiation oncologist. My doctor reviewed my chart–four years and four months since I started my medicine. She said that I have less than a year to go. I am scheduled for a six month return visit. Then she said, “After your next pair of six-month appointments, we’ll only be seeing you once a year.” Aren’t those beautiful words?


2 thoughts on “Four years, four months

  1. David says:

    Freedom from cancer; freedom from (many and too many) doctor visits must be a beautiful thing. Having you around for these last four years and four months has been a beautiful thing. Expecting you around for the next forty years and forty months is a beautiful thing as well. Bravo to the survivor!


  2. Kathy says:

    They’re the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard. ❤

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