This is Harder Than it Looks (But Not as Hard as I make it Look)

I really would like to say that I make blogging look easy, but oh my gosh–if anyone based their launch into the world of blogging on my scant and short history, they’d never get started. I swear, in my head I was going to be much more devoted, diligent, and devastatingly humorous.

This was going to be “I had Cancer” story, but quite honestly the last couple of weeks have been hard to deal with, stressful and busy. I am just not up to sharing my cancer story.

My eldest is still looking for a job. Finally, she got a call back from a great opportunity not far from home, hours that will work great for her, and (I think) it’s slightly higher than minimum wage. However, as with any job hunting experience, it has been stressful, scary, and a bit depressing. I know that she has not gone through anything more than the multitude of job seekers in our community. It is still hard to go through, and hard to watch your child go through it. It has certainly prompted many in my area to get prayers from an anonymous stranger (me). She is waiting for her background check to be completed, so hopefully in a week or so I will be blogging about my employed child.

And holy cow, did I forget how busy school gets. Granted, I only have one in school now, but I have quickly been reminded of the fast pace of high school life. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here yet, but I am a Cheer Mom. I am not one of those who get over-involved in her daughters’ lives, but I do enjoy watching the cheer team. I am sure this will not be the last mentioning of cheer events. In fact, I can *pretty much* guarantee it will not be.

This weekend is homecoming. That means tailgating with the football team’s families. Since this is my fifth year with the cheer program, I was drafted, er I mean I volunteered to coordinate our team’s participation. If you are remotely unfamiliar with me, please feel free to read my previous blogs on — “Autumn’s Resolutions”, “Attention Deficit Dis–Hey, how are you?”, and “Procrastination.” Suffice it to say I avoid planning and organizing. Alas, I’ve been drafted. I got around to it last night. Homecoming is Saturday. Julie On the Spot!

This entry was pretty much an apology to those few of you who wait for me. I appreciate it and don’t even mind the reminder emails you send. I can’t promise another one too awfully soon, but I do promise I’ve already put some time aside on my weekend’s agenda to fine tune a few of the entries I’ve started.

You know, unless I can find something else that distracts me …

6 thoughts on “This is Harder Than it Looks (But Not as Hard as I make it Look)

  1. says:

    Jules, I continue to giggle at your posts. Even if you don’t mean them to be funny, they are. It just reminds me of how much I miss not getting together with you. Love you,

    Traci Hale-Johnson


  2. David says:

    Dear Blogger,
    You have the right attitude for this job. You are honest, you are willing to expose your weaknesses and confusion, and you so often present with tongue-in-cheek, as some might describe it (me, for instance). If you were to ask me, I might say apologize less, and perhaps even challenge readers to give you crap about anything (possibly making reference to the difference between the active mode of blogging and the pathetically passive mode of simply reading). That notion aside, you are worth waiting for.
    Patient Reader


  3. I love your blog:)) but I had no idea that you had a blog!!! 😀


  4. Julie says:

    On my agenda, Lisa! Thank you for you support–it means a lot!


  5. So far so great! Worry not about the audience, we will be here. Just keep turning out great posts. 🙂 Looking forward to your cancer post, not because I am morbid, but rather curious. keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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